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March 9th, 2016 by samhughesinn

Location, Location

Texas home

Finding a great place to live is all about location, location. Once you’ve chosen a state, a destination, either long term or just for a certain season, then the next step is to choose someone in Real Estate whom you can trust to find just exactly what you have in mind.

Two fabulous locations are Tucson, AZ and Grapevine, TX. The latter town is the location of Dallas/Ft. Worth Airport but Grapevine is not Dallas. It’s much smaller and more livable than the big city and has the advantage, like Tucson, of being only a few minutes’ drive from the airport.

In 1843 General Sam Houston attempted to forge a treaty at Grape Vine Springs, and  invited American Indian tribes to sign a peace treaty; and although the Indians arrived several weeks late, the Treaty of Birds Fort was signed opening North Texas for settlement. By November of 1845 settlers had arrived in the area now known as Grapevine. True to its name, Grapevine is a grape growing region and proudly serves Texas varieties at the wine bars located in downtown. This is also a great shopping area for locals and tourists with many smart little shops along its main street. The town as it is today is reminiscent of early 19th century American towns and Grapevine has actively worked to enhance its downtown business area.

Downtown Grapevine, TX

Downtown Grapevine, TX

During the Christmas season it is so beautiful you almost believe in Santa Claus again.
Grapvine paradeChristmas Tree GrapevineCottage Grapevine

For information about real estate in the Dallas/Ft. Worth/Grapevine, TX area, contact Keely Brown at Highpoint Real Estate. She’s related to the owner of Sam Hughes Inn (and so shamelessly endorsed here). You’ll find her a joy to work with.

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