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March 9th, 2016 by samhughesinn

Location, Location

Texas home

Finding a great place to live is all about location, location. Once you’ve chosen a state, a destination, either long term or just for a certain season, then the next step is to choose someone in Real Estate whom you can trust to find just exactly what you have in mind.

Two fabulous locations are Tucson, AZ and Grapevine, TX. The latter town is the location of Dallas/Ft. Worth Airport but Grapevine is not Dallas. It’s much smaller and more livable than the big city and has the advantage, like Tucson, of being only a few minutes’ drive from the airport.

In 1843 General Sam Houston attempted to forge a treaty at Grape Vine Springs, and  invited American Indian tribes to sign a peace treaty; and although the Indians arrived several weeks late, the Treaty of Birds Fort was signed opening North Texas for settlement. By November of 1845 settlers had arrived in the area now known as Grapevine. True to its name, Grapevine is a grape growing region and proudly serves Texas varieties at the wine bars located in downtown. This is also a great shopping area for locals and tourists with many smart little shops along its main street. The town as it is today is reminiscent of early 19th century American towns and Grapevine has actively worked to enhance its downtown business area.

Downtown Grapevine, TX

Downtown Grapevine, TX

During the Christmas season it is so beautiful you almost believe in Santa Claus again.
Grapvine paradeChristmas Tree GrapevineCottage Grapevine

Of course dozens of towns make up the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and a trusted real estate agent in the area, who also calls Grapevine home, is Keely Brown. Keely is associated with Keller-Williams Realty in Southlake, TX. Office:817-865-8771 Cell:847-722-1928 so if you are planning a relocation to that area, give her a call. She can also direct you to a Keller Williams agent in Tucson if you would like to find a place here.kwbusinesscard Dallas/Ft. Worth and Tucson International Airport have daily flights back and forth and Dallas is one of the places that visitors to Tucson often land in first since direct flights from Tucson to other parts of the country are not as frequently available.

And if you’re looking for real estate in Tucson, be sure to make Sam Hughes Inn Bed & Breakfast your place to stay while you look for more permanent housing.

Bed and Breakfasts or AirBnB

December 3rd, 2015 by samhughesinn

A Tale of Lodging Choices

In this decade business & vacation travelers have had more options to the traditional hotel room than ever before in history because of the popularity of established Bed and Breakfasts, or AirBnB lookalikes. But what are the differences and why choose one over the other? Most people decide on a destination by the photos and the price range. Everyone wants the best deal for the money as well as a great experience and there is no denying the fact that AirBnB gives the world traveler a huge selection of seemingly attractive options. But how to know if the choice should be Bed and Breakfasts or AirBnB?

Air Logo
AirBnB is not a bed and breakfast website despite the name. It could just as easily have been called “Book an Unknown Vacation Rental With A Complete Stranger”.  It is an advertising vehicle which will list any rental posted by any person without prior knowledge of the owner or the accommodation. The advertiser can make any claim he cares to make about the rental and both the host and the exact location of the property remain anonymous until a reservation is made and paid for. AirBnB handles the transaction and what happens after that is in the hands of both host and guest.

But buyer beware! You will rarely find legal, licensed, monitored or approved rentals there. You are playing a game of chance with the internet version of the classified ads in newspapers or magazines. It’s a fancier version of Craig’s list, boasting a beautifully conceived website and promising results that are sheer guesswork at best.The paying guest doesn’t know until he arrives if the neighborhood is dangerous, the facility less than represented in a photo, or even if the host is sane and legally permitted to rent space in the building.

In 6 years AirBnB has grown wildly popular resulting in unbelievable wealth for the company and usually good results for the guest. But it is an imperfect system judged to be unfair in a market place where hotels, resorts, spas and bed and breakfasts have had to invest a great deal of time effort, and money in order to offer something that the so called “sharing economy” cannot – TRUST, SAFETY & DEPENDABILITY.

Check on the following internet sites for uncensored reviews from hosts, guests and in print media for AirBnB rentals: Huffington Post November 23, 2015 – TrustPilot – AirBnBHell – Distractify – The Smoking Gun, as well as others, and then decide if this is a good choice for you. 

B&B sign France

B&B sign France

If you decide instead to stay in an established bed and breakfast just Google “bed and breakfasts” in the city or area of your choice and visit their individual websites for photos, history, area attractions rates and amenities.

In a B&B, each property, each bedroom is unique, original, with its own sense of style and space unlike cookie cutter hotel rooms.The owner or (on occasion) hired innkeeper is generally available 24 hours a day, to see to guests’ needs. And best of all since this person is in house, the visitor has a local expert who has already been to the tourist attractions in the city, has eaten at most of the recommended restaurants, knows the best places to shop, where to buy gas, and has an extensive list of print material, guides and maps available. Generally breakfasts are also unique and attention is paid to restricted diets, allergies, or items a guest just might not enjoy.

Another B&B
BB breakfast

BB bedroom

The B&B owner has been through the hoops with his local city code office, He is licensed, inspected and required to conform to certain basic standards in order to provide lodging. He is subject to spot checks by the Health Department on a regular basis and is required to have a permit renewed each year along with the license to do business. He may belong to local Visitors’ Associations, other B&B organizations and websites. The building must conform to certain standards as to fire protection, windows & door exits, bathroom facilities & number of guests permitted. Parking permits may be required if on-site parking is not available and he must pay local and/or state taxes, file annual reports and carry a hefty insurance load to protect his property and its guests. He has an established business in a community and neighborhood that knows him. He must sometimes spend a great deal of money on advertising in print media and online in order to protect his reputation in this pursuit, which to him, is a way of life plus a source of pride.BB example 1

So before you, as a visitor, a traveler, put your money down on an unknown, evaluate the risk involved in making your travel plans. Are you willing to bet on the long shot, to take a chance just to save a little cash, or to aim for a sure thing? Think about it.