Breakfast, the Best Meal of the Day

Freshly brewed Coffee – beans from Local Raging Sage Roasters

A delicious breakfast is the most important event at a bed and breakfast inn, and Sam Hughes Inn offers a Breakfast menu that changes every morning. Generally served between 8 or 8:30 am but the time can vary for people who have special events planned.

We attempt to have food on the table at the exact time chosen, so for the freshest and best experience, it’s wise to be on time. If you are allergic or unable to eat certain foods, please tell us the day before and we’ll substitute another item.

Also, if there is some special item you will need, for instance soy or rice milk, lactose free yogurt, wheat free bread or muffins, with notice we can have these on hand. Cereal is always available for people with tiny appetites or limited food choices. Just let us know what you prefer, or if there are things you just don’t like well enough to pretend. With notice we can fix almost anything.

Breakfast at Sam Hughes Inn is plentiful and should keep your insides full even past lunchtime. No pretense of gourmet here but more like comfort food rarely prepared in homes except for special occasions. It’s always a treat to have breakfast that the guest didn’t have to prepare. All entrees are vegetarian with bacon or sausage on the side for those requesting it.

Photos are either actual shots of the dish described or offer a really close representation. Some have recipes linked to them. For previous guests who remember a dish they liked, let us know and we’ll email the recipe to you.

Typical Breakfast Dishes at Sam Hughes Inn.

Breakfast Basil Mozzarella Eggs w/sausage side

Basil Mozzarella eggs w/sausage side

Breakfast casserole

Chilaquile, zucchini, bean, tortilla, egg casserole


Breakfast quiche

Impossibly Easy Spinach Pie  – (also Betty Crocker)








Pancakes with strawberries & cream